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We want to be your best choice. If you are intending to make a project in Korea, do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you a competitive proposal.



​Sourcing for your production

Our service reaches from casting models · actors · characters ·contributors and scouting for the perfect location. With the help of our broad network amongst commercial entities and administrational services we ease your work into real success

Initial research

We offer you the perfect combination of professional experience and local knowledge. Our specialized initial research can help you make the right decision for your project.

Equipment rental

We have all the equipment necessary to shoot your project e.g. . Our high quality equipment is up to modern standards.

Remote shooting

When travel isn't possible due to budget restrictions or production requires real-time decision making, you can ask us for a remote shooting. Our talented crew can produce your project according to your given requirements while you are not present.

Service on spot


Language barrier should not disturb your production. Our translators with a deep understanding of global culture and manners are in position to support the production process.



No matter the amount of necessary luggage or crew members. we will plan and ensure

a safe and reliable transportation.


Booking/ permits service

To ensure a smooth production process we offer administrative services, including permital and booking verification. If you need a hotel booked, flight tickets reserved or permission to film at certain locations our office will help you with big smile.





한국 전통 마을

Who we are

The key of a successful fixer service is to have a trustworthy relationship with every step involved in the shooting.

We, as a full production service company provide you excellent fixer service in Korea with our inter-connected network, experienced- crew and solution-oriented communication.

Our unique and exclusive fixer service is to build synergistic unions which will enhance your project to stunning results.



foundation of Promum


Several productions for KBS, Channel A, TV Chosun


Several productions for KBS, JTBC, TV Chosun,

MBC Taste Hunter 

Fujii TV documentary

<World Trip with Japanes house wife> 


Several productions for KBS, EBS, SBS, MBC


Production for Independent film

<Becoming who I was>             

2018  -                         

 production for documentary series of TV chosun

 <New Korean Hunter>

 up to now JTBC <Shall we Chicken?>

 Channel A <City Fisherman>


 MBN <Back on the market, I‘m single again>

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